Commercial Property Management

Repairs and Maintenance

Like any investment, real estate needs to be maintained.  Whether it is a one-time repair or on-going regular maintenance, Metropolitan Property Management has the experience and knowledge to manage, schedule and execute all kinds of repairs and maintenance.  Our ongoing relationships with contractors and service providers allows us to obtain fast service and better pricing, a benefit which we pass on to you.  Our quick response times will keep your tenants happy and our 24-7 emergency response system proves our commitment and dedication to your investment.  From energy audits to landscape contracts; Metropolitan will keep your property looking and performing at its best.

Reporting, Bookkeeping and Accounting

Metropolitan believes in being hands-on.  That’s why we employ our own, in-house, accountant.  In addition we have the latest in industry software.  This means that statements on your property are available quickly, accurately and are current to the day of request.  We can handle everything from the day to day bookkeeping, to payables, receivables and all manners of reporting; including annual returns.  Although we are audited by the RECBC, we pride ourselves on accuracy and have our own internal audit policies to ensure your statements are reliable.  We can even handle your bank account; we keep individual trust accounts which are provincially insured, keeping your money safe.  We will also host and chair your AGM in our comfortable boardroom with projection screen for easy viewing of statements and other documents.


We are not only property managers, we are property owners, and so you can be assured that Metropolitan understands the importance of keeping your property producing revenue.  As a licensee of the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board and the British Columbia Real Estate Association we work with realtors and are able to advertise your vacant space on the MLXchange.  We also have access to a special realtor email distribution system to ensure all realtors are aware of what you have to offer.  In addition to traditional methods of advertising such as newspaper, flyers and the internet, Metropolitan believes in being at the forefront of technology so we also employ social media advertising such as Facebook and Twitter.  We have in-house sign printing available; which means as soon as you have a vacancy, we can have a detailed customized sign specific to that space; often times the same day.  Take comfort in our vast experience in dealing with realtors and leases.  Our on-going research of market rates allows us to negotiate leases intelligently within your parameters and on your behalf.  Lease templates drafted by our lawyer are available for your lawyers review and for your use should you not carry versions yourself.  Metropolitan has what it takes to help get your vacant commercial or industrial space earning you money.

Tenant Improvements

As a property owner, you can expect your current or prospective tenants will want to customize their leased space to better suit their needs. You can also expect that they may ask for you to cover some or all of the expense to do so.  Metropolitan can arrange contractors and permits; we can run a cost-benefit analysis to ensure you maximize profit.  We will track and recoup costs where necessary and co-ordinate with the tenant to ensure their satisfaction.  We are not a “behind the desk” management company.  We make regular site visits to ensure quality and timely completion of work.

Negotiate and Arrange Financing

Metropolitan has the experience and expertise to assist in analyzing, arranging and securing the best type of financing to suit your needs.  Whether it be a conventional mortgage through a bank, or arranging a joint venture or partnership with other investors.  We can help compare rates, arrange appraisals and legal work, and collect and submit the required information to help you leverage your asset and obtain maximized returns.

Rent Collection and Common Area Maintenance

The most important part of any income property is in fact, the income.  Metropolitan’s well trained staff and detail oriented software allows us to ensure all rents are collected on time.  Our system allows us to track all deposits, pay invoices, issue late notices to tenants, charge late fees and create eviction notices.  We handle delinquent accounts right up to and including legal action if necessary.  We are well versed in common area maintenance calculations and reconciliations.  Clear and concise reports to your tenants, allow us to make any required adjustments easy to understand.  Our careful analysis of annual expenses and cash flow projection statements for long and short-term expenses, ensure an accurate portrayal of the performance of your investment.

Landlord Representation

Metropolitan can be the first point of contact for your tenants, service providers, financial institutions and any other person or business that requires information.  We take great measures to ensure excellent customer service not only to our clients, but to yours.  We can handle all the day to day operations of your property, including phone calls, service work, follow ups and maintenance issues.  We can negotiate service contracts on your behalf. Essentially we can take on as much or as little as you require; meaning you can choose your level of availability or anonymity.