Our Advantage

The staff at Metropolitan take pride in working effectively with the council members and providing you with excellent customer service. In order to manage your property effectively, we will work together and guide council members through their duties in order to build a strong community. We feel that on-site visits and regular meetings with council and contractors are crucial to managing your property effectively.

Our Commitment

We always return our clients messages within two business days…we promise!

As a true partner with our clients, we pledge to provide you with outstanding personal service and timely and accurate information. Establishing long-term relationships with the Strata Corporations that we serve create a unique client relationship that we are proud of.

When people know their neighbors, and take pride in the value of their home, and the safety of the community, it makes the connections that people make a better neighborhood.

A great community is a place where people want to live, they want to raise their family, and are proud to call home. We know that connected communities are great places to make your dreams come true.

We pledge to provide outstanding management and consulting services to all of the homeowners.

Save you Time and Money

We are very creative when it comes to different ways to save you money. We take the time to monitor your current services and contracts so you will receive the best value for your dollar. With our proven track record for operating within strata budgets, Metropolitan Strata Managers are proficient in mitigating special levies. We understand that council members are volunteers, so we don’t want you to work more than you need to.

No Hidden Fees

In keeping with our philosophy of saving clients time and money, our monthly fee includes the most common tasks of a strata corporation. You will notice that rather than mailing minutes and notices, which can cost your strata corporation upwards of $1500 per year in printing, stationary and postage costs, we email correspondence, with no charge to you. This service will make a substantial difference in your overall budget, and free up funds that can be used more effectively in your strata corporation.

We Are Strata Owners Too

It’s no secret that the strata market can be frustrating to deal with. That’s why with our experience as council members, we understand first hand what’s important, and how to properly handle common issues among strata corporations. It’s good to know our knowledgeable and experienced managers are working for you, and can relate to you. We place the best interests of the homeowners first, as if we reside there ourselves.

Effective Communication

We are committed to keeping you informed and taking a proactive approach to answer questions and resolve your concerns. Communication with council, owners and contractors are a necessity to a smooth running strata corporation. Research shows that the #1 complaint from Strata Corporations is that they can never reach their strata managers. That’s why at Metropolitan, we give all council members and developers their Strata Manager’s direct cell phone number. Our office voice mail automatically forwards as an email to our cell phones, so although we might be away from our desk, we are always close to our clients.

Construction and Maintenance Background

Strata management is more than collecting strata fees and paying bills. In order to ensure that preventative maintenance is done on your property, a background in construction is essential. Not only does Metropolitan have a division of Land Development, but our staff also have a construction background, so we know what to look for when issues arise.

Smaller Client Portfolios

We are always listening to the growing demands of our clients, and understand that personal service is necessary to building relationships and managing your community effectively. Our staff manage less buildings than the industry standard, so that we can focus more on the needs of our current clients. You will find that Metropolitan is there for you when you need us.